Rules of ship behavior

In general, the captain is the authority on the ship and his instructions must be respected.

Rule 1
The captain is the authority

I know it's a problem for some individuals :-) In general, people have a problem recognizing authority figures, but in our country, the captain (leader of a small vessel), despite his position on the ship, is first and foremost your friend. So please respect his recommendations, instructions and sometimes commands :-o He is responsible for your safety, comfort and success of the trip.

Rule 2
Safety on board
Before sailing, each person or group will be briefed on safety instructions by the captain.
You will be instructed by the captain (leader of a small vessel) how to behave on the boat, in crisis situations, how to use rescue equipment (jackets, lifebuoy) and how to cooperate in rescue and crisis situations during navigation.
How to behave while sailing on the vessel and at anchor.

Rule 3
Alcohol on board
In general, in our country, alcohol in a reasonable amount belongs to the trip.
Of course, drunk persons do not belong on board. If someone comes to embark under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotic substances, the captain (leader of a small vessel) may refuse such persons to embark.
On board, alcohol consumption is allowed only in reasonable amounts. This means that the passenger will not bring on a state of intoxication in which he will endanger his safety and health, the safety of navigation and the health of persons on board the small vessel. Such a person may be disembarked from the ship at the nearest suitable place after the decision of the captain (leader of the small vessel).

Rule 4
Children on board
Children from the age of 12 can board the small vessel accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. Younger children can board only with the consent of the captain (leader of a small vessel). Children are obliged to respect all the instructions of the captain (leader of the small vessel), especially the use of a life jacket, not to jump or move on the vessel during the voyage, not to consume food during the voyage. A period of time is usually created for the consumption of food and drinks, in which the vessel anchors and the children can have refreshments without risk, and then the voyage can continue.
For explanation:
A ship sailing at a speed of min. 45 km/h. downstream or upstream causes vibrations and shocks that could cause children to suffocate when consuming food and drinks.

Rule 5
Crew cooperation

In the event that a situation arises in which the conditions for landing on a pier in a marina, another wharf or an anchorage are difficult, the crew of a small vessel is obliged, according to the instructions and orders of the captain (leader of the small vessel), to provide immediate cooperation (assistance in untying or handling the anchor) .

Rule 6
Assistance to vessels in distress
We are all one family on the water.
If we meet a vessel or persons on the Danube who urgently need help, our trip will be interrupted for the time necessary to help or rescue another vessel, its crew and property.
The crew of a small vessel, according to the instructions of the captain (leader of the small vessel), actively participates in all actions aimed at helping or saving another vessel, persons or property.

Rule 7
Respect for nature
On the trip we will meet various animals, birds and fish.
We do not catch, hunt or in any way move these members of our beautiful nature from place to place. We do not bother them by making unnecessary noises, shouts and other activities that would disturb their life in the natural environment.

Rule 8
Waste management

Even when sailing with a small vessel, we produce waste. Whether it's plastic packaging for drinks, food packaging or various cutlery and chopsticks for eating. Last but not least, it is cigarette butts. There is a designated place on the ship for the storage and subsequent disposal of such waste, and the waste is stored at this place. WE DO NOT THROW WASTE INTO THE WATER.

Rules of ship behavior
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