Order a gift voucher
for a Boat trip on the Danube.

A special voucher as a gift for your loved ones.

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How to order a gift voucher / voucher ?

  • On what occasion do you give a voucher?
    For the "Text" field on the back of the gift voucher, please enter your dedication on which occasion you wish to donate the voucher. The picture now has Happy Holidays.
  • Who do you give the voucher to?
    To fill in the "For" field of the gift voucher, enter the recipient's name or nickname.
  • Who gives the voucher?
    To fill in the "From" field of the gift voucher, enter the name or surname of the donor (from whom the gift voucher is donated).
  • What kind of gift are you giving?
    To fill in the field "Type of trip" of the gift voucher, enter the type of trip of your choice from our price list.
  • When should the trip take place?
    Enter the date of the trip to fill in the "Date of trip" field of the gift voucher. If you wish to leave this date to the choice of your recipient, enter "FREE" for this field.
  • After paying the price of the trip through our e-shop, a voucher / gift voucher for a boat cruise on the Danube will be sent to you in printed form within two working days and to your mailbox within 24 hours.

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